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The Original Refrigerated Protein Bar™
The Original Refrigerated Protein Bar™

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Why Ingredient Lists Reign Supreme Over Nutrition Facts

Should you be reading every nutrition facts label on each food item you buy? This registered dietitian says, YES! It is always a great idea to be aware of the food you are consuming. Simply by reading through the nutrition facts label and the ingredients list, you will be making healthier choices! Follow along with these descriptions as we use our Peanut Butter Perfect Bar Nutrition Fact Label and Ingredient List as a helpful guide.

What to look for in each section of the Nutrition Facts Label:

Nutrition Label


What to look for in each section of the Ingredient List:

Ingredient List

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  1. So why then does the perfect bar have so much sugar and added sugar? It would probably even taste better if they cut the sugar in half or a third. I have celiac disease and can only eat a few things right now and for some reason perfect bars work. However, the amount of sugar in them has me very concerned, especially given the link between sugar and cancer and since there are reports that celiac sufferers have a much higher cancer rate than those without. Thank you for your time

    1. Hey Matt – Thank you for reaching out to us with this concern. Please note that the only sweetener used in our bars is organic honey which acts as a binder to hold the whole food ingredients together as well as a sweetener. Many people purchase Perfect Bar products because they fit into their healthy lifestyle. Our products contain ample protein, good fats and are a good source of fiber, all of which work together to modulate our body’s glucose response. In fact, all of our most popular bar flavors have tested low glycemic index, which means they cause a lower and slower rise in blood sugar to keep you fuller, longer.

      Everybody has different sensitivities to sugar and carbohydrates; whether our products fit your diet is a personal choice and we always recommend you consult your physician or a registered dietitian. We appreciate your consideration. We hope this helps and cheers to good health!

  2. If honey is the only added sweetener than how many grams of the sugar in these bars is added? It would be helpful if the packaging showed how much sugar was in the bar and how much added sugar as well.

  3. I personally thank you for making a truly perfect bar. It has been a life saver in my busy schedule and I get full longer so I don’t eat bad things.

    1. Hey Luis — We’re sorry to hear you are having a hard time finding Perfect Bar near you. Check out our store locator via perf.bar/locator to see where else we are sold near you. Cheers to good health!

  4. I absolutely love this bar. I discovered it on a visit to NYC a couple years ago and have been buying it ever since. Peanut butter chocolate chip and the chocolate almond butter are my current favorites-though I just ordered the salted caramel cashew and am excited to try that one. Convenient and nutritious-I recommend them to patients all the time. 🙂

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