It all started with our beloved dad Bud Keith.

He was a health food guy before anyone had heard of ‘health food.’ He knew that what we ate had a direct effect on how we felt, and worked to share his belief that whole foods are the best source of nutrition with anyone who’d listen. Dad was constantly tinkering with recipes, always discovering new ways to feed our king-size family a healthy meal while on the go. One day, he ground up a bunch of dried fruits and vegetables, mixed them with freshly ground, organic peanut butter and honey, took one bite, and declared, “it’s perfect!” And, from there, the recipe was born.

Sharing our family recipe.

As kids, we made and sold Perfect Bars like other kids sold lemonade, and dreamed of someday sharing our recipe with the world. In 2005, Dad became ill and our family had grown to 13 kids, all under the age of 22. We knew we needed a way to provide for our family— so the oldest siblings got together, gambled it all, and turned our Dad’s recipe into a business.

Which brings us to today.

Since then, our Dad has passed, but his principles live on through us. Looking back, it took us years to realize what he was teaching us all our lives: that food has to be real, quality should never be compromised and family is everything. It’s those fundamental truths we put into running our family business, which has grown to exceed our wildest expectations and caused a whole lot of happiness along the way. So, as you can see, there’s quite a bit that goes into making Perfect Bars, well, perfect!