15 May

Perfect Bar Unwrapped: Hazelnuts

Our limited-edition anniversary bar — Chocolate Hazelnut Crisp — is a first for us for many reasons. The most noticeable being the use of hazelnut butter. Instantly, creamy Nutella or Ferrero Rocher come to mind, both loved for their delicious decadence. Hazelnuts, as well as other nuts like peanuts or almonds, can provide a great amount of […]

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12 Mar

Coffee Keeps Scientists Buzzing, Here’s What They are Saying

For decades every other health headline has been devoted to coffee. Thumbing through issues at the newsstand, one magazine will boast coffee as a magical healing elixir, while the next bashes the beans as poison. Much like Bitcoin, its value is ever fluctuating. Americans consume 146 billion cups of Joe each year.  Since it’s practically […]

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07 Mar

An Honest Look At Paleo: What Worked, What Didn’t

With loads of information available on the internet and social media regarding health and wellness, how do you sort through it all to know if you’re eating right? Health fads and trends never cease—conflicting research, tangible results, and claims that “this diet really works” adds to the layers of confusion. Vegan, Raw, Whole30, Macro, Paleo, Plant-Based, […]

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30 Jan

Eating Healthy In College, It’s Easier Than You Think

Heading back to college after 6 luxurious weeks of home-cooked meals and unlimited access to a fully stocked pantry? Our friend Danielle Clark, food blogger and Instagram extraordinaire, is a freshman at the University of Colorado, Boulder and shares her tricks and tips on eating healthy in college! “Ugh, I need to start eating healthier” is […]

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22 Dec

5 Spices To Boost Health and Flavor

Who says eating healthy has to be boring? If you’re sick of steamed veggies and baked chicken, then you’re in the right place. The secret to tantalizing, dripping with flavor, can’t-wait-for-more dishes is not some cooking superpower, but spice! That’s right, with powerful benefits like anti-inflammation, fighting fatigue and naturally freshening your breath, your spice […]

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