21 Feb

How CrossFit Changed My Life For The Better

It’s high-competition time for all of our CrossFitting friends. The circuit training phenomenon has a global following and committed advocates. It’s as addicting as it is confusing for those who don’t know the vernacular– box means gym and WOD means  workout of the day! But here at Perfect Bar, we want to give CrossFit all the […]

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25 Jan

Why Perfect Bar is Perfect For Crossfit

When we sat down with our Deduction & Brokerage Manager Nikki to talk why she loves Crossfit, there was one very clear takeaway – that Crossfit and Perfect Bar make a pretty incredible pair. Why? Well, it’s simple really: Crossfit is a well-rounded, head-to-toe workout and Perfect Bar is a nutritionally well-rounded and balanced protein […]

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10 Nov

Changing Up Your Fitness Routine With Daylight Savings

Daylight Savings time, whether you’re springing forward or falling back, takes some serious adjustment. With longer nights comes darker mornings making morning workouts tough, but post-work exercise more likely. And vice versa for the fall. Regardless of where the extra or lost hour falls, staying true to a workout regimen will actually help you persist […]

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