15 May

Perfect Bar Unwrapped: Hazelnuts

Our limited-edition anniversary bar — Chocolate Hazelnut Crisp — is a first for us for many reasons. The most noticeable being the use of hazelnut butter. Instantly, creamy Nutella or Ferrero Rocher come to mind, both loved for their delicious decadence. Hazelnuts, as well as other nuts like peanuts or almonds, can provide a great amount of […]

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11 May

Perfect Bar’s Favorite Chocolate Hazelnut Snacks

Heading into the nutty land of chocolate and hazelnuts, we knew there were some brands who already dominated that creamy space. There is something nostalgic and equally celebratory about the combination of buttery hazelnuts and rich chocolate. Adding chocolate hazelnut spread to a crepe adds decadence that peanut butter just can’t offer. That sweet, creamy spread […]

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07 May

Chocolate Hazelnut Crisp: A Recipe Worth Celebrating

Perfect Bar celebrations are never complete without some delicious treats and family stories. And not surprisingly, we have some nutty stories to share. It is in our true, zig-when-they-zag spirit that we decided to celebrate our 13th anniversary as a company with the launch of a special flavor. To honor our lucky 13th, we went back into the kitchen […]

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20 Apr

Misfit Juicery: The Juice Company Not Trying To Fit In

Introducing our new Innovator Interview Series where we speak with thought-leaders, rebels with a cause, and brands who dare to do things a little differently.  It isn’t easy to stand out at Natural Products Expo West. It’s a convention that hosts 85,000 attendees, including pioneers of the industry, bloggers, friends and so many up and coming […]

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19 Apr

The Perfect Festival Essentials

We’ve officially entered festival season and with weekend two of Coachella quickly approaching, we thought we’d throw out some tips to help all you festival goers sustain the weekend. Our COO Leigh and her sister Charisse, Director of Operations, were out in the desert last weekend, so we asked them to share their must-have for […]

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29 Mar

Almond Coconut vs. Coconut Peanut Butter

Two of our fan faves, but two very different flavors, Almond Coconut and Coconut Peanut Butter get confused, switched and called about every week. One has dates, one has peanut butter and both have real bits of coconut. With a quick glance from the outside we can understand how the two can be a source of nutty confusion, but once you […]

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21 Mar

Discover What Makes Perfect Bar Different

People ask us all the time, “Perfect Bar, what makes you different?” Other than our nutty personality and delicious taste, we believe we have some nutritious qualities that make us different than the rest. For starters, we aren’t found in the protein bar aisle. You can find us chilling in the refrigerated section next to fresh-cut […]

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