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The Original Refrigerated Protein Bar™
The Original Refrigerated Protein Bar™

Frequently Asked Questions

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Purchasing & Storing

Check our store locator to find us at numerous independent and major retailers nationwide where you'll find us right next to the fresh-cut produce, kombuchas or even in the dairy section. You can also order online at shop.perfectbar.com, and we’ll ship them fresh, right to your door.

Since all Perfect Snacks are made with whole food ingredients and use organic honey as the natural binder, refrigeration is required to maintain optimal freshness and consistency.

You’ll find our ‘best by’ date printed on each package, which is the most accurate reference, but all products stay fresh for about 9 months when stored in the fridge.

Short answer? Sure. Long answer: Extended storage in the freezer may cause the gradual dehydration and oxidation of the ingredients, commonly known as ‘freezer burn.’ We suggest enjoying it fresh from the fridge.

Perfect Bar and Perfect Kids stay fresh up to one week unrefrigerated at room temperature, so feel free to take them wherever life takes you. Perfect Bites are good for a couple of days -- so be sure to toss them back in the fridge between servings.

We sure do! If you're interested in becoming a Perfect Wholesaler, head over to our Wholesale Program page (found in header or footer) to learn more about it!


Yes! However, every Perfect Bar contains organic nonfat milk powder and organic whole egg powder, as part of our whole food protein blend. Since there are many definitions and degrees of vegetarianism, we like to keep things simple and let you decide if our bar is right for you.

Health yeah! Every Perfect Snacks product is produced in our dedicated gluten and soy-free kitchen.

We sure do! Our Chocolate Walnut Brownie Perfect Bar is dairy-free.

Perfect Bar was originally crafted as a whole food, healthy snack for our family on the go, but given each person’s individual needs and nutrition preferences, we find it’s best to let our fans decide how our bars best fit into their daily routines. Enjoy!

Exchanges and Returns

Though we never want to hear that, we are here to help. Please contact our customer experience team and fill out a "Not So Perfect Experience" form so we can help you and pass the concern along to the appropriate team members.

We do. Here it is: Should you receive a product that is damaged or not in optimal condition, please contact our Customer Service department by calling 866-628-8548 or send us an email. Please DO NOT return any food product without contacting us first for specific information regarding the return process.

Our mailing address is:
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