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The Original Refrigerated Protein Bar™

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3 Recipes to Put a Spring in Your Meal-Prep Step

Here are 3 recipes to step up your work lunch and ensure you do not have that 3pm slump! Did you ever connect your food to the way you feel? Maybe that sugary breakfast or carb-filled snack is actually making you tired, crave other foods and inflammation.

NOTE: these can be made the night before or also in the morning. The vegan recipe can always be adapted to your needs by added protein or added fat.

Vegan Salad Bowl

Servings: 2 bowls



Tahini Dressing:

Mix well, I recommend blending it.



Cooking Lentils: using 1 cups of liquid (water, stock, coconut water, coconut milk, etc) to 1/2 cup of dry lentils. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer until they are tender, time is typically 10-12 minute. You want them more firm for the salad, al dente.

Roast summer squash or saute in pan for 5 minutes when lentils are cooking. Add all ingredients to a bowl. Bring dressing on the side.


Coconut Wrap

Serving:  2 wraps


Lay out tortilla/ wrap of choice. With a knife layer the spread, turkey, and veggies all to one side. It is easy to overstuff, so be conscious to make sure you can still wrap it up. This entire process should take about 5 minutes!

NOTE: any health food store will have different wrap options, most of them are gluten free.


Spring Frittata “Muffins” with Salsa Fresca

Yield: 12 individual muffins

These muffin style mini frittatas are simple for a fancy prepped meal for the work week instead of a large frittata. Enjoy thrown in a Tupperware for work or on the go. I love topping it with salsa fresca, hot sauce, avocado or on a bed of greens.



TIP:  It is better to take them out before overcooked, you want to keep as many available nutrients as you can, do not overcook!

Nutrition Recipes
About me

Torie Borrelli is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (NC), natural chef, and the founder of The Vida Well, a wellness brand rooted in holistic nutrition and wholesome living. From a young age, Borrelli’s Mexican and Italian heritage birthed her love for food and ever since she has truly valued what cooking offers; time spent with family and friends and nourishment to fuel the best life possible.

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